Sambodhi Yoga Home

About Us

Sambodhi Yoga Home is an excellent place for holistic and spiritual yoga and meditation practices. Highly experienced yoga teachers, Yoga Alliance affiliated, are dedicated here to offer yogic knowledge to people from all around the world. It provides residential courses for yoga retreats and yoga teacher training in Nepal, including RYT 200-Hour yoga teacher training in Nepal, RYT 300-Hour and RYT 500-Hour yoga teacher training in Nepal, catering to individuals of all skill levels and from every corner of the globe. Whether you seek yoga, meditation, or spirituality in Nepal, Sambodhi Yoga Home proves to be a dignified and perfect choice in every aspect. After experiencing a residential yoga program at Sambodhi Yoga Home, you will undoubtedly find it to be an exceptional and marvelous destination for yoga and meditation in Nepal. Your physical fitness, mental equilibrium, and spiritual well-being will be significantly enhanced through the yoga retreats and yoga teacher training programs in Kathmandu.

Sambodhi Yoga Home is situated in Budanilakantha, Kathmandu, approximately 10 km away from the main city of Thamel, offering a peaceful environment for yogic practice. Located at an altitude of 1590 m above sea level and 245 m above the Kathmandu valley, it provides a clear panoramic view of the entire valley. The pure and pristine surroundings of this location will undoubtedly evoke feelings of rapture and ecstasy, making it the cleanest and most serene place in the Kathmandu Valley. Practicing yoga in such a divine place is exponentially more effective than in any other location in Nepal. You will begin to experience bliss from the moment you enter this area.

Sambodhi Yoga Home is surrounded by several notable places, including Sivapuri-Nagarjuna National Park (located 2.3 meters away), the Vipassana Meditation Center (also 2.3 meters away), Nagi Gumba (4.5 kilometers away), and picturesque hilly landscapes. You can take a short hike to Sivapuri Hill, where the Enlightened Master Shivapuri Baba conducted extensive meditation practices; this can be easily done in a single day. Similarly, other sages and enlightened masters have stayed and performed austerities in Budhanilkantha since ancient times, and this tradition continues to this day.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is centered around the belief that yoga is not just a physical practice, but a transformative journey that unites the body, mind, and spirit. We embrace the holistic essence of yoga, cultivating a space where individuals can explore their inner selves.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower individuals to embark on a transformative journey of self-realization and well-being through the practice of yoga. We envision a world where people embrace the profound teachings of yoga, leading to a harmonious coexistence of mind, body, and spirit.