Reiki Training in Sambodhi Yoga Home, Nepal

Embark on a transformative journey with our Reiki Training at the serene Sambodhi Yoga Home, nestled in the spiritual heartland of Kathmandu, Nepal. Discover the ancient art of Reiki, a healing practice that has bridged continents and cultures, offering a path to wellness that transcends mere physical healing. Our courses, designed to blend the rich traditions of Eastern spirituality with the practical insights of Western methodology, invite you into a world where energy and intention can manifest profound changes in your life and the lives of others. Whether you are seeking to heal, to grow, or to connect more deeply with the universal energy that binds us all, our Reiki Training provides the tools, the teachings, and the transformative experiences that will illuminate your path. Welcome to a journey of healing, discovery, and empowerment.

Reiki Training at Pricing and Duration

  • Level 1 Training: Priced at $300, this introductory 2-day course (5 hours each day) offers a foundational understanding of Reiki, focusing on self-healing and healing others through touch. The increased duration allows for in-depth exploration of Reiki’s principles and hands-on practice.

  • Level 2 Training: For $400, participants engage in a 2-day course (7 hours each day), which expands on Level 1 by introducing distance healing techniques. This level delves deeper into the energetic and spiritual dimensions of Reiki, preparing students for advanced practices.

  • Master Level Training: The most advanced training, priced at $800, spans 5 days with a total of 16 hours. It not only enhances one’s healing abilities but also empowers participants to teach Reiki to others. The extended hours ensure comprehensive mastery over Reiki’s intricate techniques and philosophies.

About Reiki

Originating from Japan, Reiki is recognized for its holistic approach to healing, addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

  • Universal Energy: Reiki’s core belief in a universal energy accessible to all is a testament to its inclusivity and adaptability to various health and wellness contexts.

By training in Nepal, participants immerse themselves in an environment that has nurtured meditation and spiritual practices for centuries.

Reiki Course Offerings

Our course is meticulously designed to ensure a comprehensive understanding of Reiki, from theoretical foundations to practical applications.

  • Attunement Process: A unique aspect of our training, where students experience a profound spiritual connection, enhancing their healing capabilities.

  • Balancing and Purifying Chakras: Students learn techniques to manage and harmonize the body’s energy centers, promoting overall well-being.

This course is not just a learning experience but a journey towards personal and spiritual growth.

Reiki Training Levels

Each level of Reiki training is structured to progressively deepen the student’s understanding and skills:

  • Level 1: Introduces the basics of Reiki, setting the foundation for a lifelong practice of healing and self-improvement.

  • Level 2: Builds on the foundational skills, introducing concepts such as distance healing, thereby expanding the practitioner’s capabilities.

  • Master Level: Culminates in a comprehensive mastery of Reiki, preparing the practitioner to impart their knowledge and skills to others, embodying the full spirit of Reiki’s teaching and healing philosophy.

Upon completion, practitioners are not just healers but also guardians of Reiki’s rich tradition.

Level 1 Syllabus Overview

The curriculum is carefully crafted to provide a holistic understanding of Reiki, blending theory with practical application:

  • Theoretical Foundations: Covers the history, principles, and ethical considerations of Reiki, ensuring practitioners are well-rounded in their knowledge.

  • Practical Applications: Emphasizes hands-on practice in self-healing and healing others, grounding the theoretical knowledge in real-world skills.

Participants leave with not only a certificate but a profound connection to Reiki’s healing power and a deep understanding of how to apply it in various contexts.


(Note: Costs cover accommodation and meals ensuring a comfortable and immersive learning experience.)